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I’m Celeb, twenty-six years previous women born in Sunshine Coast, however already living in Sydney since I will bear in mind. From this year, I have been learning ‘Liberal Arts and Sciences’ in Sydney, with pleasure. I am still able to get on all the edges, that I am proud of. I a bit like fun!

In November 2017, I started this journal as a result of I found it helpful to share my experiences. You browse, however, I have puzzled a way to recognize a study and the way I am happy concerning. 🙂 think about travel, food diaries and artistic concepts. I found it attention-grabbing for many years to follow many bloggers and vloggers every day, and I am happy to be inventive. I feel it is nice to make a particular atmosphere and to make, edit and collect photos. During this journal, I will completely lose my egg! Browse a lot of if you wish to understand a lot concerning my hobbies, past years and activities. 🙂

I am doing a painting and crafting area unit in my hobbies. With my sister Elena, we tend to wont to paint within the ocean hill or any stunning spot. I’ve forever been crazy on a drawing and have visited several deposits of art. Ever since my seventh grade, I am doing coaching from seniors painters within the town. Now, over seven years later, I am still keen on painting and crafting. Once many occasions, my love concerning art and travel has solely adult.

My goal is that you will get pleasure from my journal the maximum amount as I get pleasure from writing it — comments and suggestions area unit forever welcome.